Matching Gift Touchpoints

Optimizing The Donor Journey with Matching Gift Touchpoints

In the ever-evolving landscape of nonprofit fundraising, organizations are constantly…

Human Experiences

How to Maintain a Human Element in Your Contact Center

If there’s a buzzword in 2024, it’s automation. We’re all looking for ways to do more with less and free up repetitive processes to focus on high-value interactions and activities….

Digital CX

Are You Delivering a Great Digital Customer Experience?

Online experiences are an increasingly important aspect of the customer journey. According to MuleSoft’s 2022 Benchmark Report, 70% of customer interactions are now online, which means that organizations need to quickly…

Cloud-based Contact Center

8 Benefits of Cloud-Based Contact Centers

In 2024, on-premises means out of touch. The move to cloud-based contact centers is well underway, and for good reason. Cloud-based customer experience solutions (aka CXaaS solutions) tap into customers’…

Omnichannel and Multichannel Support: What’s the Difference?

Is your business team multichannel, team omnichannel, or team undecided? You might not be sure what these terms mean but hear us when we tell you that they’re critical to your…

The Future of Contact Centers in 2024 and Beyond

Another year of great customer experiences is in the books and another year ahead! We’ve seen plenty of change in what it means to serve customers and exceed their expectations,…

Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations and Matching Gifts: A Perfect Pair

Supplying your organization with sufficient revenue to power your efforts⁠ (behind the scenes and mission-facing alike⁠) is a critical component of successful nonprofit management. When the sustaining impact of recurring…

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