Benefits of Customers

The Benefits of Dedicated Customer Service Reps

The customer experience is everything. Your brand reputation hinges on…

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Contact Center Prep

Giving Tuesday is fast approaching, and according to the estimates, 2022 is going to be a record breaker. Whole Whale predicts that this year we’ll see $3.2 billion raised –…

Call Recording

Using Call Recordings to Improve CX

The customer experience is everything. So, ensuring that your contact center is able to provide high-quality, efficient, and effective support is vital. Call recordings can deliver the feedback and data…

Preparing for holidays

Is Your Contact Center Ready for the Holiday Season?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are weeks away, with Christmas and New Year following hot on their heels. These four days represent the biggest shopping events of the year, and even…

Matching Gift Automation

How Matching Gift Automation Can Help You Raise More

Matching gifts are some of the most popular forms of corporate giving, and yet organizations continue to miss out on the opportunities time and time again.

Turning Emergency Donors

Disaster Donors: Turning Emergency Donors Into Continued Supporters

In disaster situations, the public steps up to help. Non-profits and charity organizations see an immense uptick in people wanting to lend their support through monetary gifts. Notably, much of…

How Call Centers Evolved into Experience Centers

How Call Centers Evolved into Experience Centers

When it comes to customer satisfaction, experience is everything; therefore, the traditional call center has evolved into a modern counterpart aligned with the always-on, multi-channel customer experience. In a world…

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