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Quality Management

Increase satisfaction and service excellence with quality management coaching to improve agent skills and augment interactions.
Performance Management
Via goal-setting, performance assessments, service recognition, and constructive feedback, we help agents continuously grow.
Agent Performance
We monitor handling time, resolution, satisfaction ratings, and compliance to improve service and address performance gaps.
By analyzing metrics and KPI reports, we pinpoint trends, assess performance against set goals, and inform data-driven decisions to enhance service.


Simplify processes, reduce expenses, and enhance performance with scheduling, resource allocation, and workload management maximization.
Real-Time Adherence
Supervisors survey employee activities, including logging in/out, breaks, and idling to address deviations and optimize resource allocation.
Agent Monitoring
To evaluate performance, identify coaching needs, and ensure guideline compliance, we review all agent interactions.

Our partnership with Observe.AI provides 100% visibility into cross-channel customer conversations, surface trends, opportunities, and risks.


Knowledge Management

Strengthen decision-making and problem-solving with streamlined gathering and distribution of vital information.
Training & Onboarding
We equip our agent pool with training modules, conduct onboarding sessions, and provide ongoing certification sessions in a self-paced process.
Knowledge Base.
A central information hub provides access to guidelines, procedures, and best practices to streamline customer query resolution.


Achieve higher productivity with competent employee selection, scheduling, progress monitoring, and performance evaluation.
Scheduling. We consider workload, employee availability, and skills to ensure optimal coverage and better performance to avoid over or understaffing.
Time & Attendance. Automated tracking of attendance employee hours, absences, and leave requests reduces administrative burdens and minimizes errors.

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