Inbound Telephony

Automatic Call Distribution
Direct omnichannel communication to the most qualified agent available to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.
Network Routing
Gain flexibility, scalability, and control while meeting SLAs with best-in-class cloud routing service solutions.
Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
Enable easy internal and external employee communication with recorded greetings, call queuing, forwarding and transferring, and conference calls.
QA Call Deflection
Ensure customer satisfaction on IVR call segments with 100% AI quality assurance.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Leverage natural speech automation tech to collect caller info and find the best self-service solution, saving time and money.
Inbound Omnichannel Routing
Engage customers with continuity on their preferred communication medium.
Interaction Channels
Connect with your customers via voice, chat, social, or messaging.


SimpleScript Platform
Client-tailored scripting platform that integrates easily with your processes.
SimpleManage Platform
Library of premiums in a centralized space that integrates with other Simple solutions.
All-in-one solution that simplifies and streamlines online donation collection.
Coordinated system for easy premium image and description search and export.

Monitoring, Dashboards,
and Reporting

Agent Monitoring with AI
Custom analysis of every call to improve results and customer experience.
Reporting Dashboard
On-demand customized reports tracking your KPIs.


API Connection
Easily connect to your payment processor and integrate with your database.

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