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Text, phone, email, chat or digital – we know the point of interaction is to provide outstanding service with successful outcomes. We are a technology company that connects people and data.

For almost 20 years, ACD has listened, engaged, and collaborated with our partners to respond successfully to their needs. 

We provide state-of-the-art software and communication support, allowing you to effectively reach your desired audience and keep operations running smoothly.

ACD believes it’s all about connections, not contacts. Everything of value is the product of collaboration. We are continually developing innovating solutions that improve and maximize fundraising efforts, business processes, and overall performance.

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The Point of Interaction

“ACD is a technology company that specializes in contact connections, not a call center that dabbles in technology.”

-Noah Rosales, CEO

Customer Support Services

Contact-handling methodology is tailored to
each ACD client and can include direct access to
client-specific software. From technical help desks
and web-form follow-ups to support hotlines and
customer service orders and inquiries, our talented
agents engage via phone, text, chat, and email, with
optimized resolution times for better service and a lower
overall cost per inquiry. Our robust data and reporting
portal allows for on-demand access to a library of
reports and exports that ensure data-driven
decision making and change management.

Data Integration & Automation

With 15 payment processing
integrations and 50 client-specific
APIs and web form integrations, ACD is experienced
at building and maintaining top-level, real-time
connections. We know first-hand that streamlining
data processes saves staff time, maximizes efficiency,
reduces errors, and improves the customer journey.
We work directly with clients to resolve inaccurate
and manually intensive data processes that increase
the potential for inconsistencies and mistakes.
Through intelligent automation and smart data
handling, we save our clients time and money.

Security & Compliance

Because we’ve been a virtual company from
day one, our infrastructure is predicated upon
security, redundancy, and real-time monitoring/
tracking. Our systems are designed with layered
defenses to protect against external threats,
manage data securely, and ensure we can isolate
and mitigate threats, if detected. ACD’s annual
data assessments are a key part of helping us
identify any security risks or vulnerabilities so we
can make changes that will protect our company
and clients from risk. Our audits include
penetration testing, PCI, SOC2 & HIPAA.

Direct Response Contact Center with Decentralized Agents

For over 17 years, ACD has bypassed
the inflexibility of a brick-and-mortar
traditional contact center by
employing sophisticated web-based technology.
By routing each of partners’ donors to agents
specifically trained for each organizations
requirements, our services are scale-able as
needed to meet contact volume demands.

Data Integration & Automation

Conversational Texting-

Leverage ACD Direct’s agents to build
engagement in a cost-effective way. These
personal exchanges with real people offer
immediate two-way communication for
important announcements, specific calls to
action, and other critical engagement. We
offer both text-to-donate and outbound
peer-to-peer texting options.

Survey Collection-

ACD Direct’s survey solutions are specially
curated for clients who need feedback or
qualitative data from those whom they
serve. ACD Direct is able to use multiple
channels including email, phone, text, and
chat. Our backend data visualization tool
allows you to see the survey results in
measurable and actionable ways.  

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Client Testimonials

“ACD is responsive, thorough, and has been a key factor in the success of our fundraising drives. I would highly recommend their services!”



“ACD has always been professional, responsive, and available to us as clients… We can trust them with the most important people in the KCTS community, our viewers and members!”


“ACD’s user-friendly platform and call documentation system allows us to effectively monitor operations and enter and edit information quickly and easily. It is by far the best platform we have ever worked with.”


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