Boost Nonprofit Success

Boost Your Nonprofit Success with a Contact Center

Maintaining a human touch is vital for nonprofits. But keeping on top of inbound calls – let alone outbound campaigns – can be a challenge when staffing, technology, and free…

Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations and Matching Gifts: A Perfect Pair

Supplying your organization with sufficient revenue to power your efforts⁠ (behind the scenes and mission-facing alike⁠) is a critical component of successful nonprofit management. When the sustaining impact of recurring…

Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Matching Gift Solution

Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Matching Gift Solution

Equipping your nonprofit with the right tools and resources is essential for successful fundraising. In addition to your online donation forms and contact center solution, a matching gift platform plays…

Giving Tuesday Prep

How to Prep for a Successful Giving Tuesday Campaign

Giving Tuesday is a big deal for nonprofits – in fact, $3.1b was raised in just 24 hours in 2022! And with awareness about the day continuing to grow 2023…

How a Contact Center Can Help Achieve Your Nonprofit Fundraising Goals

How a Contact Center Can Help Achieve Your Nonprofit Fundraising Goals

Fundraising is vital to the sustainability and longevity of any non-profit. While giving can take many forms, a robust contact center setup is an invaluable asset when it comes to…

It's Here! Introducing Simple Donate

It’s Here! Introducing SimpleDonate

Fans of our platform PledgeCart will be excited to hear that we’ve been working on a new and improved online donation capture platform called SimpleDonate – and that after plenty…

Why Your NonProfit needs a Contact Center.

Why Your Non-Profit Needs a Contact Center Solution

Great customer service is mission-critical to non-profits. When you make your donors feel valued, heard, and supported, you’re more likely to drive loyalty–and repeat giving. But non-profits are often stretched…


How to Promote Matching Gifts During Your Phonathon

Is your organization planning an upcoming phonathon fundraiser? Make the most of your efforts with matching gifts⁠—doubling donations and increasing donor engagement overall. We’ll walk you through exactly how you…

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Contact Center Prep

Giving Tuesday is fast approaching, and according to the estimates, 2022 is going to be a record breaker. Whole Whale predicts that this year we’ll see $3.2 billion raised –…

Matching Gift Automation

How Matching Gift Automation Can Help You Raise More

Matching gifts are some of the most popular forms of corporate giving, and yet organizations continue to miss out on the opportunities time and time again.

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