Boost Nonprofit Success

Boost Your Nonprofit Success with a Contact Center

Maintaining a human touch is vital for nonprofits. But keeping on top of inbound calls – let alone outbound campaigns – can be a challenge when staffing, technology, and free time simply aren’t there. Here’s how a cloud-based contact center with functionality designed for nonprofits’ unique needs can help drive giving success while keeping your costs down.

Increase Efficiencies at Scale

Staffing is always a challenge for nonprofits. Too often, the need for a responsive fundraising staff is tempered by bottom line limitations. Fortunately, SaaS contact centers represent a powerful way to do more with less – especially during time-sensitive, high-interest fundraising moments such as Giving Tuesday or natural disasters. Contact center platforms such as ACD’s offer a two-pronged approach that makes onboarding experienced staff simple and seamless, meaning your nonprofit can quickly scale up to reach out to interested donors, then scale back down when demand lessens.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Gone are the days of building out expensive in-person call centers and bringing in personnel to staff them. Cloud-based contact center solutions with a nonprofit focus, such as ACD’s remove the burden associated with installing, maintaining, and upgrading technology. Your team can work from anywhere there’s an internet connection – and seamlessly tap into donor information, current campaigns, and more. For nonprofits who need to measure the value of every dollar spent, cloud-based contact centers are an excellent business choice.

Improve Donor Targeting

Cold call campaigns will only take your nonprofit so far. An integrated contact center platform can connect with your sales and marketing databases, looping in existing donors and allowing you to segment your outreach based on their demographic profiles and previous donation history. You’ll be able to reach donors at moments where they’re most likely to give – and encourage them to maximize their giving. And with text-based donation functionality like ACD’s, giving is so easy that donors will love to do their part!

Nurture Repeat Donors

It’s always harder to acquire a new donor than it is to encourage an existing donor to give again. A nonprofit contact center offering targeted outreach and multichannel contact approaches such as text, newsletters, and social media connectivity will help keep your nonprofit top of mind to encourage repeat giving – delivering greater campaign success. Not only that, but a contact center solution that integrates with other business departments allows you to easily personalize your outreach, allowing you to build relationships with donors and encourage long-term relationships.

Offer Incentives and Donation Matching

Traditional donation campaigns are a great start, but in today’s complex world, they’re just one part of an effective fundraising strategy. An all-in-one contact center platform such as ACD’s allows you to round out your campaigns with targeted incentives, outreach, rewards, and even donation matching. You can even keep donors up-to-date on campaign milestones and deadlines, gamifying your work and creating a sense of urgency that invites further participation and extra giving.

Build an Omnichannel Presence

Instead of making donors come to you, go to them – wherever they are. Build awareness and visibility through a complementary combination of channels that together reach a wider audience swathe. Leverage text-based outreach, social media, chatbots, newsletters, and campaign milestone updates together with a traditional telephone presence. The more options you offer, the less friction is involved in giving, and the more likely your donors are to support your efforts.

Drive Nonprofit Success with ACD

Connect more easily – and more deeply – with your donors using ACD’s all-in-one cloud-based contact center solution. Scalable, tailorable, and with omnichannel support, our platform allows you to drive donations without driving up operating costs. For more information about how ACD can improve the donor experience, make life easier for your reps, and keep expenses down, get in touch today!


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