Streamline Your Pledge Drives with ACD’s SimplePremium System

As a non-profit, you’re used to doing a lot with a little. With ACD’s SimplePremium offer, getting it done just got easier. SimplePremium allows you to organize your shows, gifts, images, and other assets all in one place, helping you power up your pledge drives.

How SimplePremium Makes Fundraising Simple

We understand the unique challenges non-profits face, which is why SimplePremium is designed specifically for you. With SimplePremium, you’ll be able to:

  • Save time in pre-drive preparation. Set up once and have everything you need for future pledge drives. Tweak only as needed instead of starting over every time.
  • Keep premiums and programs organized. Find everything you need – fast. Add local shows, import and export premium lists, and instantly pull up products and images.
  • Increase accuracy and lessen mistakes. Manual entry takes time and leads to input errors. Skip the typos by leveraging a centralized database that lets you quickly and easily pull information.
  • Integrate with contact center scripts and SimpleDonate. Ensure a consistent and effective fundraising experience with script integration and ACD’s easy text-to-donate functionality through SimpleDonate.
  • Enjoy custom solutions. Have a specific use case or approach? ACD’s team of developers can prepare a tailored solution for your organization.

Connect SimplePremium with Everything ACD

SimplePremium is brilliant on its own, but it’s a powerhouse when connected with ACD’s full contact center functionality. Boost your pledge results by leveraging SimplePremium in tandem with our industry-leading customer experience functions, including:

  • Double the Donation. Our powerful text-to-donate functionality incentivizes donors to give – and keep giving.
  • Omnichannel Outreach. Reach donors wherever they are with campaigns that reach across every channel – from email to social media.
  • Powerful analytics. Experience automated call recording and analysis, together with a reporting dashboard that highlights what’s going right and where improvements can be made.
  • Custom integration and development. Don’t start from scratch. Connect SimplePremium and additional ACD functionality with your existing systems in a way that meets your needs.
  • Pool of experienced agents. If your agent pool can’t handle increased call volumes during a pledge, tap into ACD’s scalable pool of experienced agents – and ensure you don’t miss a single donation.

Become a SimplePremium Person. Talk to ACD Today!

Ready to see how SimplePremium can transform your upcoming pledge drive? ACD is here to help. With solutions ranging from simple plug-and-play to custom options for larger organizations, ACD can help your non-profit achieve more streamlined, more positive, and more impactful pledge drives. To explore how we can help you, browse our offerings – or drop us a line.

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