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Are You Delivering a Great Digital Customer Experience?

Online experiences are an increasingly important aspect of the customer journey. According to MuleSoft’s 2022 Benchmark Report, 70% of customer interactions are now online, which means that organizations need to quickly adapt to meet customers where they are. Digital CX – the online customer experience – is now one of the defining factors of a great overall customer experience. Here’s what to know.

Digital CX: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Digital Experience, also known as Digital CX, refers to the overall interactions that your customers have with your brand in the digital space. Touchpoints include websites, apps, social media, digital ads, chat, VR and AR, and more.

Why do these experiences matter? Because they matter to your customers. 75% of customers expect organizations to deliver a great digital customer experience across all available technologies. This is especially true when it comes to mobile experiences, as mobile usage only continues to grow. If your brand can attract and engage customers through a solid digital experience offer, you’ll be in good stead: brands with powerful omnichannel strategies retain 89% of their customers.

What Does a Good Digital Customer Experience Look Like?

Digital CX is a critical part of the overall customer experience. In our online, omnichannel world, consumers move seamlessly between online and offline experiences and across different aspects of the digital space. Crucially, they expect continuity, simplicity, speed, and convenience at every point in their digital journey. A successful digital customer experience is one where:

  • The customer achieves their goal. Are they trying to get information? Make a purchase? Subscribe to updates? If they manage to complete their goal, you’re on track – with some caveats. Failure to complete their goal is a blow when it comes to customer perceptions.
  • The experience is easy. Achieving a goal isn’t the same as easily achieving a goal. A good digital customer experience is one where your customer completes their task quickly, efficiently, and without having to backtrack or seek support.
  • The customer feels positive at the end. In customer experience, positive sentiment is everything. Upon completion of their objective, are they feeling good about the overall experience? If so, you probably have a fan for life. If not, your brand has work to do.

Elevate Your Digital CX with ACD

The omnichannel, non-linear nature of digital experiences means that there are endless variables for what a customer journey might look like. That’s why it’s important that organizations break down silos across different departments – and ensure that they’re constantly monitoring for potential roadblocks, challenges, or negative sentiment.

A centralized customer experience platform such as ACD helps bring together multiple overlapping departments while also providing real-time analytics that show you how customers are interacting with your brand, where things are going well, and where improvements can be made. If customers are contacting you with specific questions, your organization can address those with customer education upon purchase or subscription. If the issue is returns or exchanges, you can explore ways to ensure that customers are being matched with the product. Or, if you’re seeing high levels of task or cart abandonment, you can work to minimize friction to help customers complete their goals.

Essentially, using an intelligent, centralized system such as ours, you can strive for constant improvement based on real data and real customer use cases. Our omnichannel solutions give you powerful insight into your operations as a whole – not just on the inbound side of your call center. With our help, you can use experience data to inform operational data and vice-versa. The result is all upside.

To see how our all-in-one, tailored CXaaS solution can help you take your digital CX to the next level, get in touch today!

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