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How to Maintain a Human Element in Your Contact Center

If there’s a buzzword in 2024, it’s automation. We’re all looking for ways to do more with less and free up repetitive processes to focus on high-value interactions and activities. But while tech, data and analytics can all help level up your customer service offer, striking a balance between automated responses and human-centered experiences is crucial. Here’s what to know.

Do you Pass the Turing Test?

The Turing Test is a famous thought experiment designed by Alan Turing that tests whether a machine’s responses can pass as a human’s. The fact is, even today, very rarely will people mistake a bot for a real person. In some situations this doesn’t really matter. People know that a chatbot isn’t a real person, but generally don’t mind as they’re using it to quickly and efficiently solve simple tasks like activating a bank PIN or checking the status of an order. But if your organization pushes automation too hard, you can end offering inadequate support when it comes to complex or unusual problems. People will care if they have a unique question but can’t contact a real person to explain the situation so that they can solve their issue. What matters here is balance: automation is great for simple tasks, but the option of a human voice can make all the difference.

Personal Preference Matters

When designing your contact center solution, research your audience and analyze their shopping and customer support behaviors. You’ll be able to define clear customer journeys and preferences and invest in your customer experience accordingly. However, instead of only designing a solution that suits most customers, provide backup options to ensure that everyone can seek the support they need at any point during the customer journey. Whether this is bilingual support, an email address for uploading files, or a chatbot command that lets customers speak to a customer service agent, give your customers the opportunity to empower themselves by seeking support in the way that suits their needs. Make it clear that there’s always a human available at the other end should your customers want to speak to someone. Your customers will appreciate it!

Invest in Personalization

Another vital way to increase your human touch is to personalize your customer interactions. This means using customers’ names, pulling in personal details such as address or purchasing history so that those don’t need to be re-supplied, and creating segmented outbound materials that are tailored to specific customers’ needs, interests, and interactions with your brand or organization. The more relevant and personalized their experience with your brand, the more customers will feel like they’re dealing with an organization that treats them like real human beings and not just a number. An integrated customer experience platform that connects with your sales, marketing, and customer management departments can help you deliver the personalized experience that today’s customers expect.

Speak Human With ACD

In a world full of AI, ACD keeps the human experience. We’re big on data and all about automation, but we never forget that, at its core, customer experience is about people. Our all-in-one customer experience platform and trained customer service agents are here to provide your customers with the support they need, whether that’s a quick chatbot response or a detailed walk-through with an experienced human expert. To see how we can bring the human side back to your customer experience, arrange a demo today!


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