Contact Center

Call Center Tactics

What Are Call Tracking Metrics & Why They Matter

Being able to seamlessly and professionally handle inbound calls is critical to your organization’s success. Even in an omnichannel world where customers and donors can get in touch via email,…

Business Continuity Plan

Ensuring Business Continuity Through Your Contact Center

Your contact center is critical to your organization’s success. But as the customer journey has evolved, so have customer expectations. Your customers, clients, and donors expect to be able to…


Driving Customer Satisfaction with Survey Collection Solutions

A great customer experience is critical to your organizational success. Strategically sourcing feedback and qualitative data from service recipients and donors help you identify what’s working – and what can…

contact center data

How to Analyze Contact Center Data

Contact center data can provide powerful insights into your business operations, helping you identify leads and increase and improve your service levels. Don’t be among the 61% of businesses who fail to…

Customer Service failures

6 Customer Service Failures to Avoid

Your contact center is a critical part of your customer service infrastructure. Done well, it can deliver timely, customized customer care. And in a world where customers have high expectations…


Understanding Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Your contact center is one of the most critical parts of your organization. It’s key to the customer experience and ensures that donors, customers, or clients can easily get in…

Customer phone experience

The Importance of a Smooth Customer Phone Experience

The phone is what customers reach for when they want to place an order or ask for help. Sales and customer support are two of the most critical areas of…

call routing

Call Routing: What Is It and How Does it Work?

Promptly and efficiently handling incoming calls is critical to the success of your business or charitable organization. But without the proper infrastructure and personnel numbers, your mainline can quickly become…

seasonal sales spikes

Managing Seasonal Sales Spikes

With the holiday season comes string lights and eggnog – but also a seasonal increase in consumer demand. For some organizations, the holiday spike brings stress and supply chain issues….

contact center

Reasons You Should Outsource Your Contact Center

Your contact center is the cornerstone to delivering exceptional customer service. Not only that, but it allows you to gauge customer satisfaction, identify hidden customer needs, and boost engagement and…

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