Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Contact Center Prep

Giving Tuesday is fast approaching, and according to the estimates, 2022 is going to be a record breaker. Whole Whale predicts that this year we’ll see $3.2 billion raised – up 18% from last year’s historic numbers. Here’s how to ensure that your contact center is ready to meet these incredible levels of donor interest.

Do the Legwork Early

Make sure your approach to this day is strategic – and timely. Have your outreach plans, strategies, and any marketing assets developed, signed off on, and auto-scheduled. Make sure that they integrate across your organization and that everyone is aware of what the customer journey will look like and when/how people will be directed to contact you. This means both internally and externally! Make life easy for your donors and for your team.

Refresh Your Flow

Now is the time to make sure that your donation sales funnel is as streamlined and intuitive as possible. Things have changed a lot these past few years, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking that what has always worked will continue to. Analyze your customer profiles and journeys, A/B test your forms (or scripts), and explore novel ways of giving, such as gamification, plug-ins, and digital wallet payments. Loop your customer service and sales teams in so that they’re up to speed on any changes.

Test, then Test Again!

Don’t wait for the big day to roll around to confirm that everything is functioning. Test all possible contact channels and donation methods, and make sure that they’re working as intended. Don’t forget to test for heightened levels of traffic and interest – a system that might work just fine on a regular day might lag or struggle during an event such as Giving Tuesday.

Have a Contingency Plan

Even the best-laid plans can have gaps. Figure out how you’ll respond if servers go down, your team is backed up, or payments aren’t going through. Do you have backups and redundancies ready to go, just in case? Another way to take payments or get those details? A team of agents that can augment your team on demand? It’s much better to be over-prepared than to lose out on those big donations.

Keep the Momentum Going

Giving Tuesday might be one of the biggest days of the year, but as we head into the holiday season, be sure to keep that momentum up. Have a marketing and outreach plan to tap into donor interest over the holidays and the New Year. Donations are a great gift to make on behalf of someone else and are also an opportunity to start 2023 off on the right foot – so don’t forget to follow up on those leads!

Leverage ACD’s Technology

To maximize your efforts this Giving Tuesday, talk to ACD. Our all-in-one, integrated customer contact platform, in tandem with our pool of trained representatives, make it easy to meet customer demand, take those donations, and follow up with new and existing donors to keep those relationships strong – and impactful. For more information about how our services can take your Giving Tuesday presence to the next level, get in touch today!



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