Why Your NonProfit needs a Contact Center.

Why Your Non-Profit Needs a Contact Center Solution

Great customer service is mission-critical to non-profits. When you make your donors feel valued, heard, and supported, you’re more likely to drive loyalty–and repeat giving. But non-profits are often stretched thin when it comes to administrative budgets, and the prospect of investing in additional outreach or customer service can be daunting. ACD works closely with many non-profits and has seen first-hand how a cloud-based customer contact platform can deliver powerful ROI through increased giving, improved loyalty, and heightened volunteer numbers and hours. Here’s how.

Benefits of Contact Centers for Non-Profits

Gone are the days of brick-and-mortar call centers filled with staff sitting idle waiting for a call. A cloud-based digital platform such as ACD’s connects to your donor management data, giving insights into call trends, donor patterns, and key dates and deadlines associated with increased giving. You’ll see benefits including:

  • Automated, personalized outreach. Easily reach more donors when they’re most likely to give. A multi-channel contact center platform can drive giving through text, email, and more – using tailored communications that tap into a donor’s past behavior.
  • Improved organizational insights. Use real-time analytics to understand when and why people are getting in touch and to identify potential barriers or challenges. You can use these to streamline your operations and meet donor expectations.
  • Easily scaling of staff/volunteers. Instantly respond to shifts in caller behavior with on-demand staffing that scales up or down. Never miss out on giving opportunities on major giving days or in the wake of major events.
  • Insights for team training. Use call recordings and data to identify opportunities to improve the donor experience both on the phone and more generally. This data can help guide future training and hiring – and ensure that volunteers or staff are getting the most from their experience with you.
  • Powerful outbound and inbound support. Extend your reach with automated outbound contact support that allows your non-profit to reach new and repeat givers on a larger scale – and use strategic outreach to contact them at times you’re most likely to get results.
  • Instant giving through text. Simplify the giving experience. ACD’s integrated “text to give” functionality makes giving as simple as sending a text. This is a must for reaching time-poor givers such as Millennials and Gen Z.
  • Improved cost efficiency. Do away with costly on-premise servers and IT support. A cloud-based platform such as ACD’s can easily integrate into your current systems–and reduces your own tech support load.

ACD Supports More than 200 Non-Profits

At ACD, we have extensive experience supporting non-profits to deliver improved donor outreach and drive additional giving from both new and repeat donors, whether through scheduled campaigns or in response to timely events. To date, more than 200 non-profits benefit from our all-in-one integrated contact center solution and pool of on-demand staff.

If you’re looking to improve your donor support, drive greater giving, or simply make sure that you’re not missing out on donor or volunteer opportunities, contact ACD. We can walk you through your options and help you set up a centralized contact platform that can empower your non-profit to maximize its giving potential – and put more goodness into the world.


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