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Using Call Recordings to Improve CX

The customer experience is everything. So, ensuring that your contact center is able to provide high-quality, efficient, and effective support is vital. Call recordings can deliver the feedback and data you need to make sure that your customer support is where it needs to be. Here’s what to know.

What Are Call Recordings?

Call recordings are exactly what they sound like: they’re a saved audio record of every call placed or received through your customer contact platform. Used in tandem with an AI-based transcription service and quantitative call data, they can help you analyze individual calls as well as calls in aggregate. Leveraging these recordings can give you information about things like:

  • Common pain points or issues and opportunities for resolution
  • Customer personas and journeys
  • Overall call sentiment and points where sentiment becomes positive or negative
  • Whether the experience is cohesive and standardized
  • Areas that could be improved or streamlined
  • Opportunities for agent training or improved scripts
  • Which agents are providing exemplary service 

In sum, call recordings give you a window into why people are calling and what kind of service they’re receiving – and provide an opportunity for your organization to finesse your customer service or adjust things such as your product offer and overall business operations.  

Improve CX Through Call Recordings

There are many ways to leverage call recordings to improve the customer experience. They include:

  • Agent awareness. Agents who know they’re being recorded are more likely to bring their A-game to work.
  • Coaching and role-playing. Identify “good” and “bad” calls and help agents develop effective responses for inbound calls, as well as powerful sales techniques on outbound ones.
  • Getting to know your customers. The more data points you have, the better you can understand who your customers are and what they need – and direct calls accordingly.
  • Transparency. Call recordings provide peace of mind when a customer wants to escalate a complaint or query – you have everything recorded to refer to if needed.
  • Improved processes. When you can pinpoint trends in why and when people are calling, you’re better placed to address market needs/trends and brand communication issues. 

Call recording might seem like a minor thing, but it can improve processes and procedures across your entire organization, helping you deliver on customer needs and expectations at every step. 

Talk to ACD About Our Call Recording Technology

Call recording is a vital tool for elevating the customer experience. ACD’s integrated customer contact platform allows you to seamlessly record and analyze calls on the fly as well as in aggregate so that you can identify areas for improvement across every level of your organization – whether it’s agent performance or product design and development. For more information about how our digital solutions can support your customer experience offer, contact us today. 

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