How Call Centers Evolved into Experience Centers

How Call Centers Evolved into Experience Centers

When it comes to customer satisfaction, experience is everything; therefore, the traditional call center has evolved into a modern counterpart aligned with the always-on, multi-channel customer experience. In a world where customers increasingly expect their relationships with brands to go beyond mere transactional experiences and where the customer journey is complex and fragmented, call centers have become customer experience centers. Let’s explore what this means – and what it looks like in practice. 

What is a Customer Experience Center?

With the rise of the internet, customers have more accessibility to brands (Email, social media, apps, and chatbots). Gone are the times of only interacting with brands through in-person visits or via phone.

Real-time interactions and self-service-driven engagement are what customers crave; the solution: Customer Experience Centers! Customer Experience Centers allow customers to interact with their favorite brands throughout their personalized customer journey. Quick customer wins can include:

  • Chatbots
  • Social Media
  • AI-Supported call routing

Leveraging Customer Experience Centers allows your customers to be serviced at the right time, with the right information at their discretion (customer journey), ultimately allowing you to build brand loyalty and product fluency.

The Benefits

A customer experience center offers myriad benefits to both your customers and your business. They include: 

  • More contact options. Shifting from single channel to multi-channel gives your customers or donors options in terms of how they engage with you. They get the flexibility they need, while your organization can shift simple requests to automated channels such as chatbots.
  • Cloud-based convenience. A centralized system offers seamless convenience. Questions are answered more quickly, queries are more easily solved, and customers enjoy enhanced responsiveness. For organizations, a cloud-based system means a holistic look into systems – plus reduced costs when compared with traditional on-premises solutions.
  • Smarter routing. Smart routing solutions mean that requests are directed to the appropriate experts, ensuring more efficiency – and greater customer satisfaction. Built-in analytics lets your organization identify opportunities to bridge gaps or reimagine your customer service experience to better serve your customers and your business.
  • Agile workforces. Traditional call centers involve on-site workforces that are hard to scale up and down according to demand. With a cloud-based experience center, scaling is a breeze. Agents can be onboarded at a moment’s notice to meet moments of high demand and, thanks to the benefits of the cloud, can instantly access all relevant information about your brand and customer.

Elevate the Customer Experience with ACD

ACD’s customer experience solutions deliver more than the traditional call center offer. With progressive, turn-key solutions that bring together data, seamless routing, multiple contact modes, and experienced on-demand customer service experts, you can ensure a powerful, on-brand solution every time. If you’re ready to elevate your brand interactions to a brand experience via a flexible, all-in-one customer experience center, talk to ACD today. 

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