Agile Staffing Model

Your Contact Center Needs an Agile Staffing Model

Flexibility and adaptability are two key themes in 21st-century business. The brands able to immediately course correct in order to meet changing customer needs are the ones that prevail. That includes being able to meet changing customer contact volumes. Fortunately, an on-demand staffing model such as ACD’s can help your business thrive. Here’s what to know.

Only Pay for What You Need

Doing more with less is the theme of modern-day business. You don’t want to expend vital resources on inefficient solutions, but customer call volumes are never static. Demand ebbs and flows and then ramps up dramatically in peak months or around specific campaigns or initiatives; however, anticipating demand shifts and staffing accordingly is easy with a smart, on-demand staffing solution. Use it to dynamically shrink or expand your pool of reps depending on call volumes – in real-time. You’ll only have to pay for the staff you need.

Maintain Your Brand Reputation

Long call wait times or bouncing a customer around from rep to rep can negatively affect your brand reputation. Customers get frustrated on the line or may even hang up – with a disastrous impact on your brand. Whether you’re a customer-forward corporation whose reputation hangs on your high degree of customer care or a not-for-profit seeking donations from patrons, being both accessible and available matters. A smart contact center platform will help you reduce wait times – and even help you refine your call scripting. You’ll maintain your reputation – and build your brand.

Access Pre-Trained Staff

Recruiting and training quality team members takes time and money, especially when you’re looking for part-time or seasonal workers. Finding in-person workers is even tougher during the current worker shortage. An agile, on-demand staffing system allows you to bypass the interview and onboarding process. You’ll get to draw on a national pool of experienced, vetted professionals who have access to a powerful platform that will give them the information they need to help your brand put its best foot forward.

Integrate With Smart Solutions

Agile staffing delivers even more benefits when paired with an integrated contact center platform. Instead of the inefficiencies or information loss associated with analog solutions, a cloud-based, all-in-one platform lets you keep every aspect of your contact center solution in one place. Monitor and analyze your call data and step in with tweaks or updates based on trends or recommendations – so that your staff is positioned to deliver the best possible experience.

Talk to ACD About our Agile Staffing Solutions

Your contact center is your direct line to your customers. Streamline your expenses and elevate customer satisfaction with an agile contact center staffing model through ACD. Combined with our all-in-one cloud-based contact center platform, our on-demand virtual staffing solutions give you everything you need to run your business in a way that serves your bottom line – and your customers.

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