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What is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)?

As your organization grows or you release new products or services, you’ll also experience an uptick in inbound call volumes. While your receptionist might be able to handle those calls in the short term, there’ll come a point where you’ll need a more efficient solution for answering and routing calls – freeing up your front desk staff and keeping your callers happy. That solution is Automatic Call Distribution or ACD. Here’s what to know about ACD and why it means smooth sailing for both your staff and your customers.

ACD in a Nutshell

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a service that automatically routes inbound calls to a specific person or department. ACD tools are widely found in organizations that receive large amounts of inbound calls and function somewhat like an automated version of a switchboard operator.

The goal of an ACD is to quickly and efficiently route calls to the best “match” for a caller’s needs, reducing wait times, transfers, and repeated personal info verification. ACDs are programmable and can be tailored to the unique needs and goals of your organization. For example, an ACD might be programmed to identify VIP callers, such as priority donors or long-term customers, immediately routing them to a specialist or supervisor. Or it might use keypad options to ensure that callers are immediately routed to a best-fit match, including self-service – taking the pressure off your team.

ACDs weigh a variety of different factors and variables, such as customer data, operator skill and availability, customer sentiment, and overall operational needs to provide the optimal routing option for each caller. In addition to routing calls, ACDs can also:

  • integrate database information, so operators have key customer data at hand
  • identify VIP callers
  • place callers in queues or trigger callback or voicemail functionality
  • provide call analytics and insights

Together, these features deliver a powerful customer service solution that provides high levels of customer satisfaction while also reducing your team’s workload.

How ACD Can Power Your ACD

At ACD, we’re all about ACD – as our name suggests. Our robust multi-pronged automatic call distribution platform takes your customer service to the next level with functionality that includes:

  • AI-driven routing that optimizes call answering – and efficient problem-solving
  • access to a pool of on-demand operators, ensuring no long waits
  • powerful call monitoring and analytics to facilitate improved service
  • easy integrations with your CRM and sales tools
  • powerful scalability that keeps costs in check
  • cloud-based solutions that cut reliance on local infrastructure
  • much more!

The upshot is improved workload management, heightened customer loyalty, reduced call center costs, and a better understanding of customer needs and journeys – which you can use to foster opportunities and drive operational efficiencies throughout your organization.

Implement ACD’s ACD Today

We know that your reputation is only as good as your customer service, which is why ACD is committed to continuous improvement across our entire product offer. Whatever your contact center needs, our tailored solutions are here to help. Don’t risk the goodwill of your customers or your staff with cumbersome manual call routing. Invest in a smart ACD solution from ACD today and hit the ground running with best-in-class customer service.



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