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How Your Contact Center Can Optimize the Customer Experience

You’ve heard of customer service and the customer journey. But what about the customer experience? Customer experience (CX) measures how your customers feel about your brand as a result of all the different interactions they’ve had with it, from seeing your ads to talking to a rep. It’s a reminder that customer perceptions are holistic and long-term – and can shift depending on the quality of the encounters they’ve had with your organization.

Because customer experience is changeable, it’s vital that you provide a consistent overall experience and that you make the effort to quickly resolve any negative interactions. A very negative experience or multiple less-than-positive ones, and you may lose a hard-won customer. Research shows that more than two-thirds of businesses consider customer experience to be their key differentiating factor– so delivering on your customer experience promises is a must.

Brands who excel at the customer experience enjoy:

  • higher levels of customer loyalty
  • higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • higher levels of word-of-mouth marketing
  • more frequent reviews and positive recommendations

These benefits hold true across every business model and type. After all, when you put your customers first, the rest follows.

How Your Contact Center Can Help

There are many factors that shape the customer experience, from the relevance of your ads to the quality and value of your product or service. But your contact center is a core part of the customer experience puzzle. Some of the ways your customer contact center can optimize the customer experience include the following:

  • Quickly solving issues. Clear contact details, short queues, and high-resolution rates are great ways to keep customers happy. Don’t bury your contact information or make it hard for customers to get the help they need – you’ll only be doing your brand a disservice.
  • A personalized connection. Contact centers are an opportunity to put a human connection to your brand experience. Strive to provide personalized experiences that tap into analytics and information around a customer’s experience and history with your brand. You’ll build trust, loyalty, and relationships.
  • Cross-organizational communication. Your customer contact center has critical interactions with customers or donors every day. By sharing the salient information and takeaways across the organization, you can build a more powerful customer experience overall. Connect your contact center to marketing, product development, sales, and business development – and you’ll be able to give your customers what they truly want.

Optimize the Customer Experience with ACD

Ready to take your customer experience to the next level? ACD’s all-in-one, cloud-based customer contact platform connects with your organizational data to provide real-time customer analytics, call feedback, and overall trends, providing the insights you need to perform at the level your customers deserve. Plus, with our trained cohort of on-demand reps, we can help put a friendly face to your brand – and build those customer relationships. For more information about the ACD difference, get in touch today!


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