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How to Scale Your Business with Call Center SaaS

As a growing organization, your customer service capabilities are vital to your success. Being able to seamlessly field inquiries, handle sales calls and upgrades, or walk potential customers or donors through their options will help you stand out from your competition. A Call Center as a Service (CCaaS) will scale with you, helping you meet the needs of your customer, clients, or donors as you grow. Here’s what to know.

What is Call Center SaaS?

The term “Software as a Service” (SaaS) refers to cloud-based software solutions generally provided on a subscription basis. A service that is in the “cloud” is one where all the servers, storage, and technology are handled by another company – you just log on and use it whenever and however you need to. SaaS services are popular because they’re efficient, affordable, scalable, and have a small physical footprint.

So what does a Call Center SaaS look like? Basically, it involves an overarching tech solution that brings together the various elements of your customer service under one umbrella – instead of across multiple different programs and platforms. It can handle and route incoming calls and messages, monitor customer journeys and analyze agent effectiveness.

Contact Center SaaS solutions can also help with agent staffing, whether through AI-supported chatbots or by tapping into a workforce of remote agents during times of increased demand. This helps reduce downtime and the wait duration as you grow.

Benefits of Contact Center SaaS in a Growing Organization

Contact Center SaaS is eminently flexible, and whatever your current customer service set-up, it can help your business scale. Here’s how:

  • Tailor it to suit your organizational needs. Contact Center SaaS solutions can be as on-premise or virtual as you like. Whether you have an existing team of customer service reps along with supporting tech, or you want to take it all off-site, there’s a solution to match.
  • Take the guesswork out of scaling up. Hiring reps, building a contact center, and investing in tech infrastructure are expensive. But shifting to a cloud-based solution reduces your overhead – and ensures that you’re always working with the most efficient tech and staffing needs.
  • Meet the demand of high-volume times. Contact Center SaaS makes it easy to bring on extra reps or route calls during high-demand times such as the holidays, major sales events, or fundraising initiatives. Instantly onboard virtual reps and efficiently route calls and messages to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Fewer silos; more intel. Streamline your data and reporting with a single platform that brings the entire customer journey, performance analytics, and customer satisfaction metrics into one. You’ll get actionable insights into how your customer service solutions are performing – so that you can course-correct to meet your customer or donor’s need.
  • Better customer and agent experience. Contact Center SaaS solutions streamline customer service, route calls more effectively, and result in fewer holds – improving the customer experience. Efficient routing, together with the ability to scale according to demand, also takes the weight off agents – enabling them to perform at their best.

Scale Up with ACD’s Contact Center SaaS Solutions

At ACD, we offer complete Contact Center SaaS solutions for businesses poised to grow. Whether you need a cloud-based option to break down silos and integrate sales and customer service, or you need an option for instantly scaling your customer service reps, we can help. Our solutions are flexible and intuitive and can be adjusted to suit the individual needs of your business or organization. Unlike other SaaS providers, you only pay for actual agent-customer interactions, not between-call downtime. Get in touch, and let’s talk about how our SaaS solutions can help your business scale.


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