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How SaaS Software Can Help Sync your Sales and Support Teams

Gone are the days of siloed business operations. Thanks to the rise of cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, organizations can now seamlessly integrate different departments and workflows. The result is new opportunities, new efficiencies, and increased revenue. Here’s how you can leverage SaaS software to sync up your sales and support teams for business success.

SaaS Simplifies Your Workflows

You know the pain of working with multiple pieces of software that don’t “talk” to each other. Data gets lost, opportunities missed, communications get doubled up, and you end up delaying essential upgrades because you’re worried your technological house of cards will come tumbling down. Plus, you have to pay for multiple licenses for each piece of software – and have the available hardware on-site to run and store it.

But SaaS takes a technological load off your shoulders. Because it’s cloud-based, it can be accessed anywhere, at any time, and the server load is handled off-site. That means less infrastructure investment and risk of downtime for you and more convenience and flexibility for staff working in a distributed environment. And with multiple integrations, you get across-the-board functionality and interoperability.

For example, ACD’s Automatic Call Distribution functionality lets you seamlessly reroute incoming calls to your sales or support teams, while our Private Batch Exchange makes it easy for both teams to stay in communication. And with a simple API connection, we can bring your payment processing and databases on board – giving all of your team members a central hub to work from.

SaaS Delivers Visibility and Flexibility

Bringing your Sales and Support teams under the one virtual umbrella means that phone and other communications all live in one space – rather than being siloed across various systems and platforms. Additionally, integrated SaaS dashboards can let your team track performance in real-time, improving productivity and consistency, and making it easier to transfer calls as needed, bridging the gap between Sales and Support.

The ability to work remotely together with dramatically reduced on-site IT needs are also significant benefits of a cloud-based solution.

Here are just some of the services you can bring under your SaaS banner with ACD:

  • Scripting services
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Private Branch Exchange
  • Call monitoring and analysis
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Routing of support requests
  • Invoicing and billing services
  • Custom development

Talk to ACD Direct About Our SaaS Solutions

ACD Direct offers a powerful suite of cloud-based solutions to improve your customer, client, or donor interactions – and your internal communications. With powerful call and network routing, scripting, KPI reporting, and even virtual staffing solutions, we can help you sync up your sales and support teams – boosting sales metrics, customer satisfaction, and overall profitability.

For more information about how we can help you shift your organization away from expensive, siloed on-premise approaches and towards a streamlined SaaS solution, talk to the team at ACD. Our two-pronged SaaS contact technology offering and virtual staffing solutions deliver customer-focused solutions that mean better results for both customers and your team.


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