Why Creating an Omnichannel Experience Means Business Success

How and why consumers interact with brands has undergone a significant change. So too, has the typical sales funnel. Consumers now engage with brands across multiple channels and in a non-linear way before converting but expect a streamlined, seamless experience without redundancies.

Dubbed the omnichannel experience, this approach builds value for customers while fostering engagement and loyalty – making it a winning strategy for today’s organizations. Here’s what to know about omnichannel and how to make it work for you.

What Do We Mean by Omnichannel Experience?

Meaning “all channels,” omnichannel is an approach that understands that today’s consumers engage with brands across numerous touchpoints and communication methods – and is there to meet them with consistent messaging and information. The idea is that customers can pick up wherever they’ve left off on any channel.

For example, if they were shopping on your website, an email alert might remind them what’s in their cart or about related offers. Social media ads would surface the products they’re most likely interested in. Apps would take note of their location or commuting habits and share recommendations or offers based on geofencing data. And a telephone sales representative would have a record of their past browsing and shopping habits to reference.

A winning omnichannel strategy is personalized, integrated, and streamlined, serving up the information a customer needs when they want it – and without requiring them to backtrack or double up on data input.

The benefits of an omnichannel strategy include:

  • Improved engagement and loyalty
  • Streamlined sales and customer service
  • Integrated sales, marketing, and support
  • Easy-to-measure metrics and outcomes
  • Personalized customer interactions

Delivering A Powerful Omnichannel Experience

Here’s how to create a powerful omnichannel experience for your audience.

  • Elevate your mobile experience. Most consumers mix and match mobile, desktop, and in-person shopping habits – with an increasing shift to mobile-based interactions. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile to capture that growing subset of customers who prefer using phones or tablets to engage with brands.
  • Prioritize the customer experience. Personalize and tailor your customer experience so that you’re delivering what your customers want when they want it. Make it easy for them to sign in, set location preferences, and gather data such as birthdates and interests from open APIs, so this information doesn’t need to be re-supplied.
  • Organize your data. Making an omnichannel work means gathering, standardizing, and optimizing data so that you can offer seamless, effortless personalization. Doing this will give you a window into your customer – and launch powerful, targeting marketing efforts when needed.
  • Engage across channels. Encourage cross-pollination between your channels. Send users from social media to your website with content marketing or contests, encourage the creation of user-generated content, share key stats and metrics, host virtual or IRL product launches or events, and request reviews and testimonials. Make sure your customers know that all these options exist.
  • Get your systems in place. A powerful omnichannel experience needs a central, integrated CRM that can bring all the pieces together. Leverage a cloud-based platform for all your sales and customer support needs and minimize customer fragmentation.

Talk to ACD About Your Omnichannel Needs

ACD Direct offers progressive, turn-key digital solutions that can elevate your customer experience at any point in the sales funnel. From inbound calls to chats and emails,  our software and on-demand staffing services can do it all, helping you take your omnichannel efforts to the next level. Get in touch for more information about our contact center and support solutions for the corporate, non-profit, and higher education verticals.


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