SimpleScript Credit Card Protection Updates

Today, when fraud is more common than any of us would care to admit, ACD is working tirelessly to ensure we are taking the proper measures to eliminate the risk associated with donating over the phone. Recently, ACD has developed the option for donors to enter their credit card information from a link that is instantly sent via text or email, while the agent waits on the phone. These two credit card capture options, coupled with our credit card capture via IVR, empower donors who have concerns reading their card numbers over the phone.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working with our Partners to update scripting and adjust the sequence in which agents request payment information. We are recommending that agents be prompted to first request EFT information, and if denied, ask the donor to input their payment information themselves using our new text and email credit card capture features and/or the IVR.

By offering this new sequence of collecting payment information, we can provide a higher level of comfortability to donors without impacting call time and conversion rates. With these enhancements will improve our overall security and the donor experience.

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