SimpleScript: An Amazing Feat

SimpleScript is here!

For the past year, ACD’s team of developers, management, and staff have worked tirelessly to conceptualize, build, and implement our brand-new scripting tool, SimpleScript. The development was a combination of expert consulting, an improved software technology platform, and robust security/privacy by design.

ACD is proud and humbled to say that we logged over 3,120 hours in development time to build the tool. The amazing feats did not stop with development. Once we had SimpleScript built, we faced the daunting task of recreating SimplePledge scripts and testing. Leveraging a fantastic team, we built 926 scripts for 463 projects (and counting). ACD extends our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped launch SimpleScript for your perseverance and to our amazing Partners for your patience throughout the process. While all the staff (and some contractors) at ACD helped with SimpleScript, the key folks that deserve accolades are:

  • Development Team = Ilia, Marat, Vadim, Michael, and Nick
  • Software Engineering = Don, Cliff, and Mark
  • Consultants = Bill, Mike C, Jennifer, & Stephanie
  • Configurators = Stephanie, Tammy, Hannah, & Lori
  • Script Builders = Jeff, Jan, Kaja, Chantel, & Yuridia
  • Scripting Assist = Jill, Lucinda, Vicki, Diane, Pat, Melissa, & Grace
  • Testers = Angie, Amanda, Linda, Dahrah, Rosemary, Janet, & Laura
  • Migration/Transition = Mike C
  • Telephony Routing = Michele K., Josh, & Kris
  • Documentation = Janet
  • Certification = Michele W. & Patti
  • IT Engineering = Bill, Kelly, & Adam
  • Project Management = Dolores & Lou
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