PledgeCart: New Features We’re Excited About

We found a few ways to make PledgeCart even better! Thanks to the hard work of ACD’s Product Management team, ACD rolled out six new features and we are so excited to tell you more about them.

#1 QR Code Generation

We have added the ability to create a QR code for Individual PledgeCart pages and unique sourcing within the pages.

#2 New Low Profile Gift Module

Clients have requested the ability to display premiums (gifts) differently, making them less of a focus.  We have taken that feedback and built out a new secondary gift module.

#3 Featured Gifts Displayed by Show Airing

You can now set the featured gifts to display gifts based on when the show is airing versus manually configuring the module. You can, of course, continue to manually configure if you have specific items you want to display at all times.

#4 Auto Redirect Module

We have added a module that will auto redirect to an external page after the submission of a donation on PledgeCart.

#5 Card Blocking After Multiple Attempts (Worldpay/Vantiv Only)

For those partners utilizing Worldpay/Vanitv as their payment processor, we have implemented an IP address detection and block based on how or why the payment form is declined.

#6 Limited Quantity Gift Timer

For gifts that have a limited quantity, you will now be able to add a timer to set a limit for how long that gift can stay in the donor’s cart before the donation is submitted.

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