April 10, 2021
NEW GIFT SETTING: Active Dates & Times for Premiums
April 10, 2021

ACD is always aiming to improve our products and services, and that is exactly what we accomplished with this new product enhancement. Now, client-partners can schedule the exact dates and times for a gift to be active in PledgeCart and SimpleScript.

Why does this feature matter? What is the use case?  This feature will be especially handy for premiums that expire, event ticket sales, and time sensitive membership offers. It ensures contributors and agents are prevented from selecting out-dated items.

Where do I enter the active dates? The new feature is in the “Edit Gift List” menu under your specific gift settings in CallsWithoutWalls. When a gift is outside the dates/times you have entered, it will move from the “active” gift list to the “inactive” gift list.

Coming soon! Receive email notifications to let you know when one of your gifts passes the expiration date and time and moves to your “inactive” gift list.