Bilingual IVR & Chat

New Feature: Bilingual IVR & Chat

At ACD, we’re all about breaking down barriers to communication. So, we’re proud to introduce a new product update: Bilingual IVR and Chat!

Our powerful, tailored bilingual IVR and Chat solutions incorporate customized call flows and integration of translation capabilities, meaning that ACD clients can now enjoy seamless handling of translations – with each agent able to efficiently address bilingual calls or chats.

The result is best-in-class support for our bilingual clientele.

Why it Matters

In the US, one in five people speak a second language at home – that’s about 68 million people. We know from research that people respond better when they’re able to access support and care in their primary language and are even happy to wait if it means getting to speak to someone in their first language.

The benefits of multilingual support are manifold:

  • A full customer experience. Customers can comfortably engage with everything you offer.
  • Improved brand affinity. Customers will be more loyal to brands who understand their needs.
  • A competitive edge. Support your customers in ways that others don’t.
  • Commitment to diversity. Show your commitment to an inclusive, diverse world.
  • Expanded reach. Tap into new markets and grow your organization.

Experience ACD’s Bilingual IVR and Chat Today!

Ready to tap into a whole new customer experience that helps customers get what they need and supports agents to deliver optimal support to bilingual customers? Explore ACD’s new Bilingual IVR and Chat options and reach an audience of millions. Questions? Drop our friendly customer service team a line today.

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