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Give Your Business a Competitive Edge with a Virtual Call Center

Is your business struggling to keep up with customer requests? Prompt, timely customer service is key to the overall customer experience and customer satisfaction. A business unable to seamlessly field questions, complaints, orders, or returns is a business that won’t thrive in today’s experience-centered environment. If it fails to course correct, it’ll experience reduced customer loyalty, lower conversions, and higher customer attrition. A virtual call center can turn things around.

What is a Virtual (or Cloud-Based) Call Center?

Gone are the days of noisy, expensive, and inefficient on-premises call centers. Instead, forward-looking organizations are leveraging virtual call centers to nimbly field incoming calls and handle follow-up sales calls – even during times of high volume.

So, what exactly is a virtual call center? Virtual or “cloud-based” call centers are distributed contact systems that allow a pool of remote agents to access an online customer contact system and easily handle calls from wherever they are. Calls are routed to agents according to need or complexity, with the pool of agents able to be scaled up or down according to demand.

Because virtual call centers connect to a cloud-based platform, they can also be easily linked to an organization’s sales, marketing, and analytics data, providing powerful customer service – and elevating the customer experience. 

Why Virtual Call Centers are the Right Call

Flexibility, adaptability, and scalability are all critical in today’s fast-paced market. Virtual call centers empower organizations, small and large, to quickly meet customers where they are – and deliver an experience supported by data, analytics and a snapshot into the customer’s place in the sales funnel.

Some of the key benefits of virtual call centers include:

  • Reduced costs. Reduce your physical footprint and on-premise IT support costs.
  • Reduced wait times. Cut wait times with smart routing and scalable staffing.
  • Improved customer experienceUse scripting and integrated databases to deliver personalized, on-brand support.
  • Scale staff up and down. Use on-demand staffing to increase or reduce your talent pool as needed.
  • Real-time analytics. Use analytics and call monitoring to assess and improve agent performance.
  • Improved agent experience. Reduce burnout with remote work, and use analytics to provide constructive feedback.
  • Improved efficiency. Use self-service options to empower customers and reduce agent load.
  • Integrated systems. Connect your contact center software to a holistic customer experience platform for improved support – and sales.

Elevate Your Business with a Virtual Call Center

At ACD, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations elevate their customer experience through cloud-based customer service experiences. Our all-in-one customer contact platform provides everything your organization needs to quickly connect with customers – and efficiently resolve their questions or request. We even offer a pool of trained, US-based customer contact agents to instantly extend your customer support capabilities whenever a surge hits. To learn more about how we can take your customer experience to the next level, get in touch today!


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