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Elevate Your Customer Outreach with SimpleScript

An efficient and effective customer contact center is a powerful asset for any corporate or non-profit organization. One of the critical components driving this effectiveness is your reps’ ability to communicate vital information when they need to – and in a way that accurately reflects your brand.

That’s where scripting software comes in. Scripting software provides prompts for your reps so that they know what to say and when. When integrated with your wider customer contact platform, it can help you deliver high-value customer service underpinned by a deep understanding of overall and individual customer habits. Scripting software takes the guesswork out of customer support and donor/customer interactions, simplifying the experience for both agents and callers.

Introducing ACD’s SimpleScript

ACD is proud to offer a bespoke, client-tailed scripting platform called SimpleScript. Light years ahead of the standard CX scripting tools, SimpleScript is a powerful technology offer that securely integrates into our larger platform – or yours – and is readily customizable based on your organization’s unique needs. It leverages data, technology, and expert consulting input to deliver maximum value and elevate the experience for those on either end of the line.

The benefits of SimpleScript include:

  • Fully customizable script with a solid code backbone and user interface for building custom features
  • Robust scripting engine offering unlimited data capture modules
  • Rich backend experience, with exports and reports built-in to the web application
  • A/B testing for analyzing results based on pledge levels, premiums, and exclusive offers
  • Ultra-secure credit card capture options with robust security and privacy by design

Implementing and integrating SimpleScript will empower your reps to deliver more consistent responses while maximizing customer satisfaction. They’ll also receive the tools they need to reach donors and customers when they’re most likely to convert – and to take that conversion over the line.

Achieve Your Sales, Donor, and CX Goals with SimpleScript

At ACD, we know that the donor/customer and the agent experiences are connected. Because we strive to improve experiences rather than just manage them, the scripting tool our agents use offers next-level functionality, simplicity, and intuitive design. Bringing together analytics, state-of-the-art technology, and human-first approaches, SimpleScript is a powerful way to elevate your customer outreach and achieve higher conversions from donors and customers. To see how SimpleScript can help you reach customer or donor experience goals, talk to ACD today.


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