Tech Talk: Agile Development

Software development and enhancement changes need to be thoughtfully organized in order to deliver the best customer experience. Over the past year, ACD has worked to change the way we roll out upgrades and updates by leveraging an “Agile” development methodology around a “Scrum” framework.

Being Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. When applied to development, agility means we have teams of people that are organized intentionally around skill sets. These teams have specific areas of responsibility for each of ACD’s products.

What Does This Mean for You?

You can count on weekly sprints in which partner programming requests and product enhancements are completed. These sprints wrap up on Mondays and all completed tasks are rolled out to production very early on Tuesday mornings. The weekly sprints allow our product and development teams to forecast ahead and provide accurate development timelines.

An Agile software development process centers around defining user personas, documenting the scope of problems, and seeking out opportunities. The product managers keep the end goal central to all changes and work with all of ACD’s different teams to deliver on the vision.

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