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Leverage These Agent Tools to Provide Personalized CX

Personalization matters. Being able to provide a customer experience that takes into account an individual customer’s needs, interests, and unique customer journey is key to setting your brand apart. Fortunately, in today’s data-driven world, it’s easier than ever to bring together unique customer data and past interactions to ensure a great experience.

Why Personalization Matters

While the move towards personalization has been happening for a while, the pandemic has cemented new shopping behaviors and expectations, with tailored experiences being among them. According to McKinsey, 71% of customers expect brands to deliver personalized experiences – and almost that many again get frustrated when they don’t. Customers also speak with their wallets, spending 40% more with brands that invest in personalization than those who don’t.

Examples of personalization include:

  • Meeting customers where they are
  • Knowing a customer’s tastes – and offering a curated purchasing selection
  • Adjusting messaging and communications to a customer’s needs
  • Celebrating personal and brand milestones
  • Following up post-purchase
  • Offering targeted promotions

All of these can build brand loyalty in a world where consumer loyalty is hard to come by.

Try These Personalization Tools

If your brand is ready to get on the personalization bandwagon, ACD has a variety of tools that can help meet the needs of today’s customers. These include:

  • Simple mail merge options – always use your customer’s name in any communications.
  • Journey visualizations – know a customer’s past interactions with your brand to avoid “doubling up” and to deliver empathetic service.
  • Smart routing – automatically routes customers to the right resource or individual without long holds or manual forwarding.
  • Multiple communications channels – break down barriers by allowing customers to get in touch the way that best suits them, whether via chat, text, or the phone.
  • Targeted omnichannel outreach – send segmented texts or newsletters alerting customers of relevant, valuable updates, milestones, or product launches.
  • Analytics for improved CX – record and analyze conversations to monitor for experience gaps, then train staff to overcome possible sources of friction.
  • Integration with sales software – get the whole picture with easy software integration that puts customer data and history at every rep’s fingertip.
  • Proactive outreach – follow up with customers to touch base about any needs, questions, or assistance requests they might have.

In combination, these tools allow your reps to instantly put together the pieces of the customer service jigsaw puzzle so that they can deliver the personalized service expected–whether that’s evaluating a customer’s eligibility for a free return or sending out a special offer for their five-year anniversary with your non-profit.

Get Personal with ACD

Personalization is here to stay, and with ACD, your customers are too. Our two-pronged approach ensures that your customers get the tailored experience they expect–no matter who they are or when they’re calling. Use our integrated cloud-based platform to get at-a-glance insights into your customers, their backgrounds, and their history with your organization, and augment your customer experience offering by tapping into our network of trained customer service reps. You’ll be able to deliver elevated customer experiences that show every customer that you not only know their name – but that you care as well. Ready to get personal? Get in touch.


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