Focusing on the Customer

How Call Centers Help You Focus on Every Customer

The customer experience is paramount to success in today’s business climate. Customers not only expect businesses to be accessible through their preferred channels, but they also expect personalized support that takes into account their relationship with a brand, purchasing habits, and individual needs. If you’re still relying on traditional one-size-fits-all customer service options, now is the time to make the shift to a distributed cloud-based call center – and ensure that you’re focusing on every customer. Here’s how a call center can help.

Around-the-Clock Customer Support

Not every customer can get in touch within 9-5 working hours. A distributed call center allows you to meet clients where they are – no matter the time of day. Today’s call centers also go beyond the telephone, providing multi-channel solutions that allow customers to get in touch via their preferred means of communication and providing automated and AI-backed solutions to fill personnel gaps. At ACD, we further extend this capacity by offering a pool of local agents who can be tapped according to your customers’ needs, regardless of what time zone they’re calling from. This means that every customer can get a timely response when they need it.

Allow Your Staff to Dial in Their Value

Your customer support staff are a critical part of the customer experience. But by making them the face of every customer interaction, you risk burning them out – or spending their valuable time on routine tasks. Switching to a call center option helps redirect this workload, ensuring your top employees focus on high-value interactions that need a personal touch. With a full-service customer contact platform like ACD’s, you can program self-service options to let customers handle simple tasks themselves, use automated agents to deal with simple administrative requests, and even strategically route calls so that your most senior reps are always available to handle complex questions. As a result, every customer gets the care they need.

Leverage Data for Customized Support

Today’s contact centers are powerfully centralized. More than just a room full of reps, they give you access to a powerful pipeline of customer data and call analytics, providing 360-degree insights into your customers, their needs, and the quality of service you’re providing. These analytics offer an invaluable window into customers’ buying habits, customer satisfaction, strengths and weaknesses in your product or service offering, and opportunities to follow up with or win back customers. Rather than information being siloed on individual computers or in the minds of specific operators, a cloud-based customer contact center like ACD’s provides company-wide data regarding call stats, sales pipelines, and opportunities for outreach.

Focus On Your Customers with ACD

At ACD, we know that every customer matters. Our all-in-one cloud-based customer contact platform was specifically designed to give your organization everything it needs to promise every customer an elevated customer experience – no matter where they are in the sales funnel. Centralized, customizable, rich with analytics, and supported by an on-demand pool of experienced agents, our one-stop-shop solution gives you everything you need to focus on each and every one of your customers. To see how we can help you elevate your call center experience, get in touch today!


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