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Donation Forms: Best Practices for Year-End Checklist

The giving season is around the corner and now is the time to ensure your online donation pages are ready for the influx of traffic. From contact information capture to text message opt-in, the layout of your forms should set your organization up for long-term success and align with the future of your membership.

Donation Forms Best Practices Checklist

  • Make “sustaining gift” the default
  • Make the case for becoming a sustainer, be clear about ongoing terms
  • Promote Passport, includes activation info in closing pop-up
  • Utilize Google Analytics, track KPIs
  • Review enhancements, ask your Account Executive about updates
  • Include gift shipping & processing language on the closing pop-up
  • Emphasize EFT payment method
  • Label phone field as “Day Time Phone (numbers only)”
  • Keep “Featured Gifts” current, update dates/times
  • Utilize gift search & sort features
  • Leverage auto-completion, put “zip code” before “city” & “state”
  • Write “donation successfully submitted” on the closing pop-up
  • Get creative with different forms for fundraising themes
  • Refresh the banner, images, & layout regularly
  • Include technical support contact info, enable web chat & click-to-call
  • Link to social media pages
  • Create a form specifically for sustainer update/recapture
  • Include support phone/hours of operation in closing pop-up


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