About ACD Direct

Who We Are

ACD is a technology company specializing in contact connections.

ACD believes it’s all about connections, not contacts. Everything of value is the product of collaboration. We are continually developing innovating solutions that improve and maximize fundraising efforts, business processes, and overall performance.


Our leadership team drives ACD to become the company our clients turn to first to meet their needs. Our leadership team’s many years of experience in telephony, fundraising and customer service helps shape our perspectives, insight and interactions with partners.

Noah Rosales,
Chief Executive Officer

Noah Rosales enlisted in the United States Air Force in January 1990. During his career, Sergeant Rosales was deployed to the following locations across the world: 
• 4404th Composite Wing (Provisional) Prince Sultan Aziz Air Base in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (Operation Desert Storm)
• Kunsan Air Base in the Republic of Korea (8th Maintenance Squadron) 
• Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) 
• Sather Air Base in Baghdad, Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
He retired in 2012 after 22 years of service to our country. While stationed in South Korea, he was tasked to re-wire his unit’s PBX phone system.  Having little knowledge of this task, he located some guidance on the subject matter and completed the task that same day. Exploring his newfound talent in telecommunications led to a career change.  After returning to the states, he applied to work at a small startup company and managed his first of many Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) systems. Since then, Noah has built 3 call centers. He currently owns and operates a virtual Contact Center that, for the last 17 years, has assisted 200+ nonprofit organizations in fulfilling their missions by processing over a billion dollars.

Doug Smith,
Chief Revenue Officer 

Doug has 25 years of experience in founding and growing multiple successful companies such as HealthRider, Zerorez Franchising Systems, InContact (NICE), Vital Access and others. In addition, Doug has served on as a member of the Board of Directors for over 10 companies.

Doug and his wife, September, have 4 kids and live in Sandy, Utah. Doug enjoys traveling, photography, motorcycles and other outdoor hobbies.

Bill Davis,
Director of IT Engineering

William (Bill) Davis has over 20 years’ experience in the Telecom industry ranging from technical service solutions, non-profit member acquisition and fundraising services.
Bill currently fills the role of Director of IT Engineering at ACD Direct, where he was a founding member of the business team. Bill now focuses on managing all day to day activities of 1200 home-based agents, 1 million talk minutes per month, and millions of dollars in software development for the busy contact solutions center.
Bill’s enthusiasm for life and technology is shared by his loving wife of 21 years and two children. He is an active volunteer at his children’s school, serving on the board of directors and has led learning expeditions to the northwestern United States and southern Utah.

Dolores Lobato,
Director of Product Development

Dolores joined Noah’s crazy circus back in 2001 and has never looked back since! Now with over 16 years of Contact Center experience, Dolores has held several roles over the years, starting as a CSR Team Lead and moving up through various support and operations roles. She also ventured into the IT environment for 2 years – which landed her feet first in her current role as Director of Product Development. Dolores’ journey through the Contact Center and IT has given her a true understanding of what success looks like at every level. She now oversees a newly formed team of Ninjas known as Product Management. With a new found focus on driving product performance to deliver industry-leading services to our current partners and new clients to come, Dolores also forms part of an elite Leadership Team. One that has been strategically built over time, and one that ACD has never experienced before. Success is inevitable. By the way, Dolores lives in the scenic state of Utah, and enjoys all of the wonderful outdoor adventures that the state of Utah has to offer! Actually, that’s not true. She can’t swim or ski, and she really hates the cold. But she loves her awesome husband, adores her beautiful daughters, and enjoys the companionship of her doggies and they live in Utah. So Utah is home.

Don Sherwood,
Director of Software Engineering

With over 20 years of experience creating software solutions in the cloud, including eleven years in cloud-based ACD systems, Don Sherwood is helping to strengthen and expand the ability of ACD Direct to provide an effective and tailored experience to its customers. He is fond of repeating Peter Drucker’s famous saying, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure,” and is constantly looking for ways to deliver higher quality software solutions in less time, while maintaining uptime and protecting the customer experience.
When he isn’t building great software, Don teaches cello lessons, and performs with two community symphony orchestras. He also likes to work on home-improvement projects, such as designing and building a custom deck and shed with his kids. Don and his wife, Tami, are the parents of eight children and are expecting their second grandson later this year.

Mike Thompson,
Director of Contact Center

Mike has been managing and building contact centers worldwide for over 20 years. He started as a phone agent with Hilton Reservations Worldwide in Tampa, Florida in May 1999. He has been a Trainer, Supervisor, Manager, and Director for many contact center companies managing 100 – 1000 employees both remote and brick and mortar sites. Mike has worked with Travelocity, American Express, Expedia, IHG, Avanti Destinations, Change Healthcare, and BPO outsource companies VXI Global Solutions, Sitel, iQor, and Sykes Enterprises in the Philippines.
Mike is a proud 20 year US Army Engineer Veteran ending his military career at the rank of Major. He’s a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications Arts. Mike is a long time guitarist and songwriter, who enjoys movies, fishing, and worldwide traveling.

Paige Ferraro,
Director of Human Resources 

Paige joined ACD’s team towards the end of 2018 as a Human Resource Administrator then moving up into the Human Resource Director role .  Her career began in Education as an elementary school teacher then moved into a role as a director in the private school sector which lasted for 18 years.  Paige then transitioned from the education field to the human resources field working in the oil & gas and healthcare industry.  She has found success in HR by using her skills from many years in the education field while always staying on top of the latest in human capital trends.  Paige has notable experience in strategic human resource planning, performance management, staffing, federal and state law compliance, employee benefits, compensation and payroll, training and development, and management coaching.  Paige dedicates her efforts to ensuring ACD and its employees have the support needed along with the resources to balance their work and life while being a productive part of their teams.

On Paige’s off time, she enjoys traveling with her husband outside of the hustle and bustle of Houston TX as they both have family scattered all across the US from CT to CA.  She enjoys being outdoors when it’s not “Houston hot” and also spends time cooking, baking, gardening and creating artisanal focused handicrafts using a variety of mediums as just some of her hobbies.  Paige is also an active volunteer at her church in the women’s ministry planning and organizing retention and community outreach events.

Jill Milleson,
Director of Client Services

Jill Milleson has over 25 years of callcenter experience.  Jill started her career with ACD as an agent when she was looking for a part time position on the side while she was a stay-at-home mom to her two sons.  That part time position grew into a full time career with ACD and Jill is currently the Director of Client Services.  Jill has an extensive background managing call center customer service teams.  She drives her team to focus on building a sound Partner relationship to ensure ACD is providing the best solutions for our Partners.  Jill resides in Chapin, SC and where she loves spending time with her husband of 20+ years and her two young adult sons.  She enjoys having a family day out on Lake Murray or being at the beach.