Combined Pledge Drive Management- Making Life Easier For You

Data-driven decision-making and thoughtful campaign planning are how Stations can maximize net revenue and improve the donor experience. However, managing giving campaigns one channel at a time and trying to put all the numbers together for the full picture is cumbersome for many of our Partners. With 72 PBS pledge drives under our belt, ACD

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August Pledge Drive

The Olympics, Back-to-School, and…….PBS PLEDGE! August was full of some amazing feats and the PBS pledge drive was no exception. ACD is proud to report our agents and technology helped capture over $12 million this month to support this important broadcasting institution. We are so THANKFUL to our agents, partners, and staff that helped make

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New Feature: Email Confirmation Builder

Because we understand the important role email plays in the giving process and the need to make updates quickly in those emails, ACD invested in developing a self-service Email Confirmation Builder. Pricing Information: Self Service – FREE (support available) Create confirmations on the email builder tool independently Make ongoing updates independently Live demo webinar (or

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Integrity, Service, Excellence, and ACD

By: Grace Corbin, Creative Coordinator  Almost 25 years ago, a young Air force Sergeant stationed at Kunsan Air Base in South Korea was tasked to re-wire his unit’s PBX phone system. After pursuing some guidance on the subject, he knew very little about, he successfully completed the task in a single day.   That Sergeant was Noah Rosales, ACD’s founder, and CEO. Of course, as we

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