VALUE OF CHAT SUPPORT: Engage and Assist in Real-Time


Would you like to engage your supporters from your website? Want to provide immediate access to help? One of the fastest growing support vehicles is Online Chat. Many customers are choosing web based support options instead of the phone for convenience, time management and accessibility. Our Web Based Chat is affordable and provides easy access for your customers by embedding the application anywhere on your website.

For questions or to request a demo, contact:

Josh Rosales, Business Development 801-896-1011



New Year’s Eve represents a time of change and opportunity. ACD wishes a lot of success and prosperity to all our partners and employees.

PREPARING FOR THE NEW YEAR: Planning to air self improvement program?


January 1st marks the beginning of New Year's resolutions. Are you airing Self Improvement Programming to ring in the new year? Be sure to let your AM know, so we can be prepared to field those calls!

GEARING UP FOR 2018: You Can Work for ACD


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