Jessica Statler

Call Routing

Call Routing: What Is It and How Does it Work?

Promptly and efficiently handling incoming calls is critical to the success of your business or charitable organization. But without the proper infrastructure and personnel numbers, your mainline can quickly become a bottleneck. Customers or donors can spend too long waiting for someone to pick up, and your support staff can waste valuable time redirecting calls …

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seasonal sales spikes

Managing Seasonal Sales Spikes

With the holiday season comes string lights and eggnog – but also a seasonal increase in consumer demand. For some organizations, the holiday spike brings stress and supply chain issues. For others, it’s an opportunity to reach new customers or build relationships with existing, loyal ones.

contact center

Reasons You Should Outsource Your Contact Center

Your contact center is the cornerstone to delivering exceptional customer service. Not only that, but it allows you to gauge customer satisfaction, identify hidden customer needs, and boost engagement and retention at all points of the customer lifecycle. However, an in-house contact center can be time-consuming and expensive to run, especially for a small or …

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